Kickstarter Video Shortcuts - The Easy Way

Planning to create a Kickstarter video to get crowdfunding? Find out some shortcuts to make a successful video.

1. Make it simple
Ensure to hire professional to handle the video. Nothing turns off potential backers more than bad audio and video are clear. The concept or product for which you want funding needs to be the highlighted in the video. Make a pitch for your idea by presenting it with clarity and professionalism. The viewers should get the impression that you know what you are doing. The task becomes easy if you have a quality product to offer which can add value to the lives of people in some way.

2. Make it short
Nobody has the patience for long videos, especially startup videos. What you are offering should be explained quickly while covering all the details. There is no need to repeat information. A good story in an entertaining manner can boost your chances of getting funding. Keep the video limited to two or three minutes.

3. Make it informative
The Kickstarter video should cover all the information which the viewer expects. It should include the following:
– Introduction
– Details of your project
– Reasons for requiring funding
– What investors can get in return from your funding your project

A video which contains these is more likely to be watched and appreciated than others.

4. Make it moving
A Kickstarter video which is emotionally moving can motivate people to fund. But, there is a thin line between emotional and sappy. You should be careful not to tread on the other side of the line because it puts off people. The video needs to look professional and focus on how your product can make a difference. You need to evoke emotions to engage the interest of the audience and make them support your cause.

These tips can help you to streamline your amazing Kickstarter video. Follow them and see the difference!